its a free world if you take it, a good life if you make it yours.

I miss cycling on tour. It was the first time since my first summer volunteering in Grassy Narrows working with the youth there that I’ve felt good. Like I’ve done something constructive with my talents and passion. We were playing music everyday, cycling, entertaining, and creating positive ideas about social change, its the healthiest and most spiritually and mentally ‘well’ I’ve ever felt. Polly and I hardly had any rain days.

After leaving Balmy Beach we headed to Owen Sound, where we met with Steve and Enio from the Hundred Mile Music show to chat about the tour and play live on air! We stayed with our friend Jared’s parents at their amazing farm! It was a dark and stormy but we we’re able to sleep well that night in our tent for two reasons. First reason being we we’re exhausted from an awesome day of busking in Owen Sound, second being the ground was nice and soft! Once you’ve traveled around for a month on your bicycle you get tired of camp sites that charge you 30$ a night for a piece of lawn that has been driven on and bump-ified by every family with a mini-van and tent with-in a 300 km radius, might as well sleep in a ditch. But more stories will come from the bike trip soon. We promise. We haven’t forgotten anything upon returning and have every intention of continuing the story.

Its getting colder. More and more discouraging to get out and bike. Life has been busy since we returned. Lots of good things. Far From Rich played some amazing shows and participated in our first music festival in Waterloo Park. Polly and Heather released “Silhouettes” the Clever Girls long awaited debut recording, 8 beautiful songs you should buy and listen to.

We’re trying to get a lot of things on the go. One of those projects being a little Celtic band to play in pubs. Oh and Polly’s taking classes, choreographing, music directing, applying for jobs, and was in a wedding party, etc. I’m trying to get some gigs to pay bills and debts, auditing courses to master the way of the little black dots so I can apply to do my masters in music therapy, trying to develop promotional materials and a plan for the band, trying to record new songs, working on getting a manager so I can get paid gigs, and trying to find a job. And all the tiny things that pile up until you realize you’re not necessarily going in the direction you dreamed but pushing and pulling yourself in several at the same time. You’re not on a bicycle, but your wheels are spinning and the emotional, financial, relational ruts are getting deeper and deeper. Its all very trying. I keep trying.

We we’re invited and excited to make a music video with local video maker. External stressors apart from the video caused the logistics and reality of the project to fall apart very last minute. Which offended the video maker, rightfully so. Our apologies have gone and continue to go to the artist and everyone who was excited about the project. Nobody handled the situation causing the stress or the cancellation of the video shoot with the grace and maturity that one would expect of adults who want to be part of building community and creating art that inspires social change. I think this is the teachable moment where we can all grow and say this is practical example of what forgiveness looks like, we can become empowered to say the stress that is binding us all is that of political nature and the result of a failing economy that is trying to pull communities apart with financial stress.

Apart from everything that’s been going on. I’ve been really stressed about the current actions of our government. I’ve been stewing with anger because the people in our country who are speaking and acting against injustice are having their rights stripped away by the state, this is injustice in itself. We need to speak up and be heard that we won’t be fooled, and we want justice. The whole world is awakening to see the injustice of capitalism, its not too late to start expressing yourself.

The title of this blog, and the song “make it yours” is not so much about life being good. But about enduring and reaching a point of being aware of the systems that are binding you and trying to persuade our decisions and keep us from community and well-being to participate fully in the economy and not make art, to not be inspired to create change. So to ‘make it yours’ is to never give up your dreams…even if you are threatened or persecuted for your beliefs, or with less consequence if it rains the whole day when you’re trying to bike somewhere. Keep dreaming, share your dreams at potlucks.

~ R

About abicyclebuiltforyou

A new album to be released in July 2010, and promoted via bicycle tour from Kitchener to Tobermory, Ontario. Original songs by Polly Edwards and Richard Garvey.
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1 Response to its a free world if you take it, a good life if you make it yours.

  1. Norma says:

    people tend to look inward at self instead of outward, you know that the evil I gets in the way of the greater good. Any way God is still in control and when things don’t work out with our plans because he has something better ahead for us never forget that dears, love to Polly too by the way and keep on watching, keep on doing keep on praying keep on singing most of all keep on hoping. Take care norma

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