No need to go to church. (its all here outside)

We stopped into this little church outside of Lion’s Head. Its marked as a historical sight on Forty Hills road (believe it or not Polly suggested we take this one). It was beautiful and had amazing acoustics so we stopped for some chocolate, trail mix, dried apricots, water and to sing a few songs. Click here to share our hope. 

We continued on to Lion’s Head and made it up and down all the forty hills. We had some fun playing on the beach and met some cyclists from Quebec, Les Nomades., staying at the same camp ground. We also shared the camp ground with a stinkier french friend ‘pepe le peu’ who came to our tent very early to nibble on our toes then move onto the next tent. We also had fun playing on the amazing beach and staring at the beautiful escarpment of the Georgian Bay (escarpments are beautiful, but got more and more challenging to cycle everyday). 

Polly shows her destructive side


 Soon we we’re off to Colpoy’s Bay! Another very hot hilly day saved by the beautiful Hope Bay.  It was about half way and as we got to the turn we looked down the hill, and for fear of never making it back up, parked our bikes and trailer in the ditch right next to some poison ivy that somehow never rash’d us. Then we skipped happily down the hill to Hope Bay to meet lovely people, eat delicious ice cream, go for a refreshing swim, eat more ice cream while draging our feet back up the hill to cycle to Colpoys Bay.  

There are no words to describe the hospitality and generosity of complete strangers. Except thanks. We are thankful. We stayed at Dorothy’s, a friend of a friend Polly used to work with at the hospital in Markdale, a beautiful homestead overlooking the bay. We shared a dinner with home made preserves, fresh corn and baby potatoes grilled then tossed into a salad delivered by a neighbour. I enjoyed some tasty sausages made by a very talented and creative butcher named George, whom we never met but also provided a delicious peach pie. We played a mini-concert on the porch until it started getting dark and our wonderful hosts were a great audience, and shared their own travel stories. 

Then zonk! a very restful night on a flat piece of ground. Except the fourth* night in a row of 3am wilderness wakeup call, or Polly poking me on the shoulder saying “Richard there’s a _______outside the tent”, this time coyotes. Very far away. But the dissonant calls are quite haunting in the dark of the Penninsula. (* note: 1. raccoons, 2. a snoring bear, 3. skunk, 4. coyotes).    

Early that morning we we’re on the road to Balmy Beach! The first sign it was going to be a great day was the cyclist who passed on his expert bike and gave us the best route. Then after a quick coffee stop in Wiarton we knew we we’re on the right path when we welcomed the first sign for Grey County with a “wahoo!” Soon after we saw more signs we we’re on the road to a great day of cycling, the same cyclist passed us on his way bike from owen sound (45 km’s away)*(see note), and this glorious sight! 

The answer my friend is blowin' in the wind.

 Thanks for reading,

Bye, Bye-Bi-bicycle, love!


*note. Polly and Richard are not athletes, nor do they have fancy bicycles. Richard’s only has three functioning gears at the moment, and Polly had previously never cycled more than about 10 km. But we’re finding whether the distance is near or far just depends on where your aspirations and determination take you.  Also the less stuff you take the better.  ps. were in Markdale resting after a lot of hills in the Beaver Valley region. more to come soon.

About abicyclebuiltforyou

A new album to be released in July 2010, and promoted via bicycle tour from Kitchener to Tobermory, Ontario. Original songs by Polly Edwards and Richard Garvey.
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