The world at our feet!

We’ve made it all the way to Balmy Beach! Its been an incredible journey, we met the most generous and welcoming people!

Richard playing a few extra tunes at Two Chicks in Sauble.

After leaving Sauble Beach the weather was great and the shoreline was flat so we biked an extra 38 km than we planned. From Sauble to Oliphant where the beach was long and very shallow!

we had just finish
The beach in Oliphant!
We we’re feeling really excited about life and lake Huron. So we got back on our trusty bicycles and pedalled up to Red Bay where we found a beautiful garden centre called Earth Bound. There we’re some retired bicycles. Don’t throw them out, they are beautiful! Earth Bound hosts garden concerts on Sunday’s so we will have to go back some time to folk their socks off!
don't throw bicycles away decorate with them.

Polly brings some life to a retired bicycle.

After Red Bay we cranked it all the way through to Pike Bay! We had some rough going through a 3 km construction area. Bumpy! We stopped at a diner/campground office and we’re thinking about calling it a night, but we had a little left in us. Since  neither Polly or myself are very good at making decisions we flipped a coin and we’re off to Stokes Bay. We really wanted to complete the Bruce Penninsula triathlon (bike, swim, eat) and get some ice-cream then find a place to sleep but the general store had a back in five minutes sign. Five minutes is a really long time. So we got chatting with a woman named Sharon who was waiting to get some 2% milk. And she didn’t think the guy who ran the camp site in Stokes Bay had his things together. So she said we could sleep in her yard, but then invited us inside because it might rain! Sometimes you flip a coin and avoid paying to sleep on the ground and to get hosted by a friendly person in a beautiful home with comfortable beds.

West Rd to Stokes Bay.

We had an early start the next day and made it up to Tobermory a whole day earlier then expected, after some big hills. We we’re just in time to make the 3 o’clock Chi Chee Mon to Manitoulin Island. But we then quickly decided we couldn’t afford to take the big boat. 25$ a person and bike each way! So we busked in Tobermory for an hour and a half and made enough money to buy food and camp for the night!. The next day we slept in, went back into Tobermory to busk for another two hours to buy more food and pay for another night of camping. The next morning we we’re off to Cyprus Lake National Park for another adventure. Please Stay Tuned! (oh and we’re having a great time, I’m just a little bit grumpy in the morning sometimes)

Flame broiled veggie burgers!

Happy Trails! Take the Lane!

About abicyclebuiltforyou

A new album to be released in July 2010, and promoted via bicycle tour from Kitchener to Tobermory, Ontario. Original songs by Polly Edwards and Richard Garvey.
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3 Responses to The world at our feet!

  1. Carey says:

    Sounds like you are having a great time and meeting some really nice people along the way, will see you soon when you arrive in Markdale! Love the pic of Sharon on the retired bike, reminds me of when she was little and stubborn (oh yeah, she is still stubborn! – just like her big sister) lol!

  2. Ciarán says:

    Goood news all around. Yay! Missing you guys but so glad for this news. Keep on truckin’ or bikin’, as it were.

  3. Anthony Gatt says:

    We met you in Stokes Bay at the general store with me, my wife and our 2 kids…we got yout pic and bought your CD…It was some very nice listening for us on the way home to London…we hope the rest of your trip is great and goos luck to both of you!

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