It’s perfect to me!

Right now, I’m sitting in the Two Chicks Cafe in Sauble Beach, where we played a fantastic show last night with Jared and Liam and Joel and some random surfer dudes from the beach, and I am sipping a delicious berry smoothie and Rich is outside drinking fair trade coffee and soon we’ll be eating quesadilla and egg sandwiches, compliments of the cafe, which is super nice of them. There’s a lake with super waves and super sand not 500 metres away, a super lovely house not far away with super lovely people that hosted us, fed us, played music with us, and even helped me learn Dutch, and there’s a super lovely fella typing next to me right now. All in all, life is super lovely perfect at the moment. The worst thing I can think of is that the keyboard I’m typing on is really difficult as it’s all rubbery floppiness and funny feeling. So, you know, not much to complain about.

Last night was so fun! We had a huge turnout. Jared rigged up a PA system, and the cafe is right on the main beach corner, so we had loads of people hanging around and listening. Met lots of great folks and played lots of great tunes.

We’re off to a late start this morning. This is the start of our most adventurous few days, as we’re just biking and finding places to pitch our tent as we go. Also, we’re entering bear country. I spent lots of time in Port Elgin (well, all the time I wasn’t busy eating at least, which wasn’t much…) researching bears and how not to get eaten, and am possibly a little – ha ha! sorry, I can’t resist – bearanoid. Given my track record with Canada Geese, etc though I figure I don’t have much chance against a bear. Anyway, we’re decked out with whistles and ‘bear bells’ (which are just Christmas bells with velcro, it turns out), so, you know, at least I can die loudly.

Anyway, breakfast has arrived! Off to bike, swim and eat (a more enjoyable version of the triathlon, we find – who needs running?).

If anyone knows of a place to play or stay in Oliphant, Ferndale, Tobermory or Lion’s Head in the next week, let us know! Texting is probably best as we may not have internet again for a week or so. Number is on the contact page.

Mmmmm. Quesadilla. Life is good.

Peace and love and good things,


About abicyclebuiltforyou

A new album to be released in July 2010, and promoted via bicycle tour from Kitchener to Tobermory, Ontario. Original songs by Polly Edwards and Richard Garvey.
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4 Responses to It’s perfect to me!

  1. Steve Tulloch says:

    Polly, That was a super lovely blog post! 🙂 It sounds like you guys are having a fabulous time. Yay! Enjoy.

  2. Ciarán says:

    Yes! I love these little updates and I’m glad that you’re having such a wonderful time and getting good audiences.

    Don’t get eaten.
    Lots of love.

  3. Cindy and John says:

    Please don’t let Polly the Hapless Druid strike again. We haven’t even written the song yet! Or have we …..

  4. Keren says:

    I don’t know if you guys are still in the Bruce, but if you are look up Earthbound Gardens at 14 Hea Rd. Judy, Brenda, and John are lovely folk, and they may have the space to put you up. Tell them hi from me, if you can!

    Happy travels, from another traveller!

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