Up the lakeshore!

We’re in Port Elgin! Its our third day of cycling and we are taking a day off tomorow! Polly’s pedaling like a pro! We’re finding were making pretty good time with the trailer, all our goodies and instruments. Pollys feeling much healthier and though we are tired from cycling all morning our souls are coming to life more than ever. We’ve been taking less ‘main’ roads and finding either green fields or forests around us as we pedal.  Bruce county is home to many farms, small towns, and Lake Huron!

Country roads take me home

To the place where I belong

We were in Kincardine yesterday and even though we missed the sunset sounds of the Phantom Piper we enjoyed a really great swim after our first long day of cycling (~45km).  We spent the afternoon busking at the street market festival and met lots of friendly folks and played some great celtic tunes we’re learning and enjoying! 

Saugeen Shores sunsets!

We’ve been hosted by really wonderful people who have been so generous with their time, space and food. The ride today from Kincardine to Port Elgin was a challenge and my chain broke, which we we’re able to fix with a wrench then tighthen with pliers we inherited from the nearest home, Bike Yeah! hand me downs!  After we passed all the amazing Bruce power windmills we decided to take a lunch and nap on the side of the road. Then we ventured to our friend Heather’s folks’ home in Port Elgin via trails leading to the beach.  We’re recieving some bike repair help, delicious food, really comfy couches, tasty coffee and tonight we’re playing a show with a really great band called the Clever Girls. 🙂 Thanks for coming to visit Heather!

The adventure continues!

Ride your bike then camp in the trees.



ps. we’re really excited as we’ve been advised there aren’t many hills on the way to tobermory if you bike up the shore line!  hurray!

On the road to port elgin!

About abicyclebuiltforyou

A new album to be released in July 2010, and promoted via bicycle tour from Kitchener to Tobermory, Ontario. Original songs by Polly Edwards and Richard Garvey.
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  1. Angela says:

    I love you both! Safe travels!

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