Loving hills imperfectly.

Okay, so it’s been a while. I meant to update! I did! Just like I meant to send that Christmas card to you. Yes, you. (Because no matter who you are reading this, I guarantee I haven’t sent you a Christmas card in the last few years. Oops. But keep hoping!)

Aaaaaaaanyway! I’m going to update on the trip as if I haven’t forgotten anything. So, Balmy Beach, yes. It was fun. We hung out with Amy and played cards. We went on the Hundred Mile Music Show, which has two of the nicest radio hosts ever. We set an alarm and got up at 3am to go lay on a towel on the lawn to watch a meteor shower (which I didn’t get the wrong date for this time – for the record, it’s slightly embarrassing when you convince a nice boy you hardly know to drive you way out to the country to watch shooting stars that never happen because that’s not until *next* week…) and saw this AMAZING comety thing! And by comety thing I mean shooting star that blazed across the sky like they do in small children’s drawings. I thought of the little prince. We also went exploring at, above, and under Indian Falls, which was beautiful.

(I can't actually fly.)

I can fly!!!

Blech. Getting all wet. By which I mean, I'm sort of jealous I didn't join him.

Oh! I almost forgot. What Richard also didn’t mention is the very important lesson I learned about a kilometre before we got to Balmy Beach as I stood up to stretch as I kept pedaling up a hill. Suddenly, it felt really easy to pedal. I tried on purpose. Definitely easier to pedal. Did *you* know? You’re supposed to bike using the muscles on the BACKS of your legs. I had biked my whole life, and this whole trip (probably roughly equal amounts, all told) pushing down with the ball of my foot as if I were going up stairs on my toes. It’s SOOOOO easy to bike not that way! I recommend trying it if you find you’re constantly being left behind on a bike trip even though the other person has the heavy trailer and isn’t even trying to go fast.

Anyway, yes. Balmy Beach. And then Owen Sound, where we registered to play at the official Busker’s Festival and then ended up just busking at the Farmer’s Market unofficially instead. We had loads of fun, did really well, and even ended up with a big picture and article on the front page of the Sun Times! We also had really delicious lunch at a place called the River Cafe downtown. They have healthy brownies! They’re really good. We also stopped into a bike shop downtown, who were very supportive of cyclists’ road rights…

The sign on the other window said 'Gas sucks! Ride a bike!'.

After Owen Sound, we made our way to Meaford. Hardest biking day of the trip. It was awful. The hills were so big, I could only cycle up the first tenth of them. I probably spent three hours walking up hills. Going down was fun mind you, but even with momentum, I’d have to walk up the next one. We tried to take a trail, not realising it wasn’t actually finished. We went a few km in, down a giant long hill, to find the road flooded out so much we had to turn around and walk back up the hill again! There, were, however, these weird little gangs of yellow butterflies that kept collecting in groups of 30 or so on the path and then all fluttering up at once to entertain us. Or possibly scare us off. Either way, it worked.

Thankfully after that, the highway stopped going uphill and the last 10km into Meaford were 10 of the easiest of the whole trip. Meaford was nice. We went to Memorial Beach and hung out for a bit, and were going to camp, but were anxious to keep going and get to Markdale, so we decided to make it all the way to the Kaethlers’ by Thornbury (who were kind enough to not mind our coming a day early). We took a trail part way which was beautiful, and stopped by a beach outside town (parking our bikes at the top of the hill and walking down again – enough hills for one day, thanks). The beach was fairly slimy but very picturesque.

Nothin' but the sun and the sky and the trees and a super-absorbent camping towel and a tiny beach I forget the name of, it was so long ago...

Then we biked up a mountain. This is me when I realise there’s no way around it since the Kaethlers live at the top.

This picture is worth only one word: why?

However, it was beautiful. We even made some new friends on the way up, by which I mean we stopped and stared at some horses who kept coming closer and then running away, torn between curiosity and fear.

If only he had a pointy wizard's hat, he would look just like Gandalf...

But we made it! About 50km in one long day, from Owen Sound to just outside Thornbury. The view is amazing from halfway up Frog’s Hollow Road, by the way. When the sky is turquoise, it looks like something straight out of a calendar of South American coastlines (I say, having never seen the South American coastline, or even a calendar about it).

They'll be coming up the mountain when they come...

Phew! I think I’ll leave it there for now. I’m getting tired just typing about those hills. Or because it’s taken me three hours to blog this much…

To be continued!


P.S. I’d like to say I also really miss biking. But more on that another day…

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its a free world if you take it, a good life if you make it yours.

I miss cycling on tour. It was the first time since my first summer volunteering in Grassy Narrows working with the youth there that I’ve felt good. Like I’ve done something constructive with my talents and passion. We were playing music everyday, cycling, entertaining, and creating positive ideas about social change, its the healthiest and most spiritually and mentally ‘well’ I’ve ever felt. Polly and I hardly had any rain days.

After leaving Balmy Beach we headed to Owen Sound, where we met with Steve and Enio from the Hundred Mile Music show to chat about the tour and play live on air! We stayed with our friend Jared’s parents at their amazing farm! It was a dark and stormy but we we’re able to sleep well that night in our tent for two reasons. First reason being we we’re exhausted from an awesome day of busking in Owen Sound, second being the ground was nice and soft! Once you’ve traveled around for a month on your bicycle you get tired of camp sites that charge you 30$ a night for a piece of lawn that has been driven on and bump-ified by every family with a mini-van and tent with-in a 300 km radius, might as well sleep in a ditch. But more stories will come from the bike trip soon. We promise. We haven’t forgotten anything upon returning and have every intention of continuing the story.

Its getting colder. More and more discouraging to get out and bike. Life has been busy since we returned. Lots of good things. Far From Rich played some amazing shows and participated in our first music festival in Waterloo Park. Polly and Heather released “Silhouettes” the Clever Girls long awaited debut recording, 8 beautiful songs you should buy and listen to.

We’re trying to get a lot of things on the go. One of those projects being a little Celtic band to play in pubs. Oh and Polly’s taking classes, choreographing, music directing, applying for jobs, and was in a wedding party, etc. I’m trying to get some gigs to pay bills and debts, auditing courses to master the way of the little black dots so I can apply to do my masters in music therapy, trying to develop promotional materials and a plan for the band, trying to record new songs, working on getting a manager so I can get paid gigs, and trying to find a job. And all the tiny things that pile up until you realize you’re not necessarily going in the direction you dreamed but pushing and pulling yourself in several at the same time. You’re not on a bicycle, but your wheels are spinning and the emotional, financial, relational ruts are getting deeper and deeper. Its all very trying. I keep trying.

We we’re invited and excited to make a music video with local video maker. External stressors apart from the video caused the logistics and reality of the project to fall apart very last minute. Which offended the video maker, rightfully so. Our apologies have gone and continue to go to the artist and everyone who was excited about the project. Nobody handled the situation causing the stress or the cancellation of the video shoot with the grace and maturity that one would expect of adults who want to be part of building community and creating art that inspires social change. I think this is the teachable moment where we can all grow and say this is practical example of what forgiveness looks like, we can become empowered to say the stress that is binding us all is that of political nature and the result of a failing economy that is trying to pull communities apart with financial stress.

Apart from everything that’s been going on. I’ve been really stressed about the current actions of our government. I’ve been stewing with anger because the people in our country who are speaking and acting against injustice are having their rights stripped away by the state, this is injustice in itself. We need to speak up and be heard that we won’t be fooled, and we want justice. The whole world is awakening to see the injustice of capitalism, its not too late to start expressing yourself.

The title of this blog, and the song “make it yours” is not so much about life being good. But about enduring and reaching a point of being aware of the systems that are binding you and trying to persuade our decisions and keep us from community and well-being to participate fully in the economy and not make art, to not be inspired to create change. So to ‘make it yours’ is to never give up your dreams…even if you are threatened or persecuted for your beliefs, or with less consequence if it rains the whole day when you’re trying to bike somewhere. Keep dreaming, share your dreams at potlucks.

~ R

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No need to go to church. (its all here outside)

We stopped into this little church outside of Lion’s Head. Its marked as a historical sight on Forty Hills road (believe it or not Polly suggested we take this one). It was beautiful and had amazing acoustics so we stopped for some chocolate, trail mix, dried apricots, water and to sing a few songs. Click here to share our hope. 

We continued on to Lion’s Head and made it up and down all the forty hills. We had some fun playing on the beach and met some cyclists from Quebec, Les Nomades., staying at the same camp ground. We also shared the camp ground with a stinkier french friend ‘pepe le peu’ who came to our tent very early to nibble on our toes then move onto the next tent. We also had fun playing on the amazing beach and staring at the beautiful escarpment of the Georgian Bay (escarpments are beautiful, but got more and more challenging to cycle everyday). 

Polly shows her destructive side


 Soon we we’re off to Colpoy’s Bay! Another very hot hilly day saved by the beautiful Hope Bay.  It was about half way and as we got to the turn we looked down the hill, and for fear of never making it back up, parked our bikes and trailer in the ditch right next to some poison ivy that somehow never rash’d us. Then we skipped happily down the hill to Hope Bay to meet lovely people, eat delicious ice cream, go for a refreshing swim, eat more ice cream while draging our feet back up the hill to cycle to Colpoys Bay.  

There are no words to describe the hospitality and generosity of complete strangers. Except thanks. We are thankful. We stayed at Dorothy’s, a friend of a friend Polly used to work with at the hospital in Markdale, a beautiful homestead overlooking the bay. We shared a dinner with home made preserves, fresh corn and baby potatoes grilled then tossed into a salad delivered by a neighbour. I enjoyed some tasty sausages made by a very talented and creative butcher named George, whom we never met but also provided a delicious peach pie. We played a mini-concert on the porch until it started getting dark and our wonderful hosts were a great audience, and shared their own travel stories. 

Then zonk! a very restful night on a flat piece of ground. Except the fourth* night in a row of 3am wilderness wakeup call, or Polly poking me on the shoulder saying “Richard there’s a _______outside the tent”, this time coyotes. Very far away. But the dissonant calls are quite haunting in the dark of the Penninsula. (* note: 1. raccoons, 2. a snoring bear, 3. skunk, 4. coyotes).    

Early that morning we we’re on the road to Balmy Beach! The first sign it was going to be a great day was the cyclist who passed on his expert bike and gave us the best route. Then after a quick coffee stop in Wiarton we knew we we’re on the right path when we welcomed the first sign for Grey County with a “wahoo!” Soon after we saw more signs we we’re on the road to a great day of cycling, the same cyclist passed us on his way bike from owen sound (45 km’s away)*(see note), and this glorious sight! 

The answer my friend is blowin' in the wind.

 Thanks for reading,

Bye, Bye-Bi-bicycle, love!


*note. Polly and Richard are not athletes, nor do they have fancy bicycles. Richard’s only has three functioning gears at the moment, and Polly had previously never cycled more than about 10 km. But we’re finding whether the distance is near or far just depends on where your aspirations and determination take you.  Also the less stuff you take the better.  ps. were in Markdale resting after a lot of hills in the Beaver Valley region. more to come soon.

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The Bear Necessities.

Welcome back! Last post on “A Bicycle Built For You”, our protagonists were just leaving Tobermory for Cyprus Lake. Will they make it? Will the bears get them? Will the rattlesnakes? Will the tired leg muscles? Stay tuned…

Thanks for staying tuned! First, I want to put up one more picture from Tobermory, as the veggie burger shot doesn’t quite encapsulate the whole town. The water is really nice, and the town is way bigger than I thought it would be. I suppose it’s tiny in the winter still, but it sort of felt more like Niagara Falls North or something. Very touristy and busy. Which, on the other hand, is great for local business and traveling buskers…

Brother, can you spare a dime?

Busking by the glass bottom boat dock.

Anyway, after camping at Happy Hearts (our hearts were suitably happy), and seeing AMAZING stars for at least one night, we woke up to pouring rain Sunday morning. It mercifully stopped just in time for us to leave the campground, and make our way to Cyprus Lake, which was only about 15k. Our timing was bad though, and we hit the ferry traffic about halfway there on Highway 6, which is NOT the place to be on a bike. 300 cars all zooming past at 120 clicks and no shoulder. Also, some dudes with a megaphone in a truck shouted something at us as they went by and nearly startled me off my bike.

But! That turned out to be fortuitous, because it got the attention of a really nice nearby farmer who waved us in to his lane just as we were pulling off the road to wait the traffic out. He fed us a delicious lunch of cheese and fresh picked tomato sandwiches and offered us a place to camp, which was really generous of him. Also, it turns out he used to be a touring musician, and just took up the banjo. He recently broke a banjo string though, and has no car, so it was going to be a while before he could replace it. At which point we were able to pull out a pack of spare banjo strings from our trailer and give him the one he needed. Luck all around! This trip is also totally reaffirming my faith in people. Strangers have been so kind!

Right! Cyprus. Got distracted. So we made it there alright, and got to our site. All surrounded by trees. Quite nice. We went for a swim and made dinner and slept. The next day we went for a hike to the Bay where we made a big inukshuk and sat on a rock, which was much nicer than it sounds, perhaps.

The end of Horse Lake Trail, and not a single horse to be seen the whole way.

The slightly smaller rebuilt inukshuk, after I knocked over the first one. Accidentally.

Still looking for horses. And rattlesnakes. And trees. We found one of these things in abundance.

Then Amy came up to hang out and visit Indian Head Cove and the Grotto with us. She also brought coffee and pizza! Much appreciated. It was beautiful, but SO busy.

Busy, busy cove by the Grotto.

So we hiked around the corner, and came upon this gorgeous scene.

King of the world!!

It’s my new favourite spot. At Cyprus, anyway. I have a lot of new favourite spots overall. Anyway, we hiked around that bay too, to see some lookouts, and wade in the water by rocks that look like hippopotamuses, and, you know, all the usual things.

The hippopotamus rock! Which also looked remarkably like a pug when seen from a different angle.

That night, things got interesting. A few raccoons came snuffling around, which was fine. But then the bear showed up. It woke me up around 2:30am snorting around just outside. After a while, it seemed like it was snoring. I thought it might be a person, but it was so deep and growly, it sounded just like my dog when she snores, only waaaaay bigger so I didn’t think it was after all. I eventually woke Richard up, and was awake for probably two or three hours until it stopped and the boys in the tent next door got up and didn’t seem to get eaten, so we went out, and couldn’t see a bear. The next morning, the guys in the next site were going on about how loud one of them snored. According to one it was “like a Russian diesel tractor on a gravel road with missing cogs, no muffler and a jackhammer mounted on front” or something like that. Anyway, the ten year old boy with the fever next door also thought it was a bear, as it turns out, so, you know, it wasn’t just me.

It did make for a very long morning though. We were both exhausted, and I wasn’t feeling the camping joy, and Richard hadn’t had coffee in a while, (though he was still extremely forgiving about being woken up to save me from a snoring man) so we were a bit grumpy, but once we got back on our bikes, and especially off of Highway 6 (where we had to pull in to a gas station because we hit ferry traffic again), the world got immediately better.

This is not a real bear.

See? I *love* bears!

We biked to Lion’s Head, and on the way, we *did* cross paths with a real bear, but it wasn’t scary at all. He just bounded off into the bush when we got close. We also made road smores, went down a very twisty, hilly road (why we ever thought “Forty Hills Road” would be a good one to take on bikes, I’m not sure…although, actually, you know, it *was* kind of fun…) and found a neat church. But maybe Rich can expound on those in the next post. Then we’ll be almost caught up!

Hope you are all biking and loving and dreaming, and I can’t wait to sing you all the jazzy new song I wrote in Tobermory about not getting eaten by a bear. It’s called “I Don’t Want To Get Eaten By A Bear”. There’s sound effects and everything.


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The world at our feet!

We’ve made it all the way to Balmy Beach! Its been an incredible journey, we met the most generous and welcoming people!

Richard playing a few extra tunes at Two Chicks in Sauble.

After leaving Sauble Beach the weather was great and the shoreline was flat so we biked an extra 38 km than we planned. From Sauble to Oliphant where the beach was long and very shallow!

we had just finish
The beach in Oliphant!
We we’re feeling really excited about life and lake Huron. So we got back on our trusty bicycles and pedalled up to Red Bay where we found a beautiful garden centre called Earth Bound. There we’re some retired bicycles. Don’t throw them out, they are beautiful! Earth Bound hosts garden concerts on Sunday’s so we will have to go back some time to folk their socks off!
don't throw bicycles away decorate with them.

Polly brings some life to a retired bicycle.

After Red Bay we cranked it all the way through to Pike Bay! We had some rough going through a 3 km construction area. Bumpy! We stopped at a diner/campground office and we’re thinking about calling it a night, but we had a little left in us. Since  neither Polly or myself are very good at making decisions we flipped a coin and we’re off to Stokes Bay. We really wanted to complete the Bruce Penninsula triathlon (bike, swim, eat) and get some ice-cream then find a place to sleep but the general store had a back in five minutes sign. Five minutes is a really long time. So we got chatting with a woman named Sharon who was waiting to get some 2% milk. And she didn’t think the guy who ran the camp site in Stokes Bay had his things together. So she said we could sleep in her yard, but then invited us inside because it might rain! Sometimes you flip a coin and avoid paying to sleep on the ground and to get hosted by a friendly person in a beautiful home with comfortable beds.

West Rd to Stokes Bay.

We had an early start the next day and made it up to Tobermory a whole day earlier then expected, after some big hills. We we’re just in time to make the 3 o’clock Chi Chee Mon to Manitoulin Island. But we then quickly decided we couldn’t afford to take the big boat. 25$ a person and bike each way! So we busked in Tobermory for an hour and a half and made enough money to buy food and camp for the night!. The next day we slept in, went back into Tobermory to busk for another two hours to buy more food and pay for another night of camping. The next morning we we’re off to Cyprus Lake National Park for another adventure. Please Stay Tuned! (oh and we’re having a great time, I’m just a little bit grumpy in the morning sometimes)

Flame broiled veggie burgers!

Happy Trails! Take the Lane!
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It’s perfect to me!

Right now, I’m sitting in the Two Chicks Cafe in Sauble Beach, where we played a fantastic show last night with Jared and Liam and Joel and some random surfer dudes from the beach, and I am sipping a delicious berry smoothie and Rich is outside drinking fair trade coffee and soon we’ll be eating quesadilla and egg sandwiches, compliments of the cafe, which is super nice of them. There’s a lake with super waves and super sand not 500 metres away, a super lovely house not far away with super lovely people that hosted us, fed us, played music with us, and even helped me learn Dutch, and there’s a super lovely fella typing next to me right now. All in all, life is super lovely perfect at the moment. The worst thing I can think of is that the keyboard I’m typing on is really difficult as it’s all rubbery floppiness and funny feeling. So, you know, not much to complain about.

Last night was so fun! We had a huge turnout. Jared rigged up a PA system, and the cafe is right on the main beach corner, so we had loads of people hanging around and listening. Met lots of great folks and played lots of great tunes.

We’re off to a late start this morning. This is the start of our most adventurous few days, as we’re just biking and finding places to pitch our tent as we go. Also, we’re entering bear country. I spent lots of time in Port Elgin (well, all the time I wasn’t busy eating at least, which wasn’t much…) researching bears and how not to get eaten, and am possibly a little – ha ha! sorry, I can’t resist – bearanoid. Given my track record with Canada Geese, etc though I figure I don’t have much chance against a bear. Anyway, we’re decked out with whistles and ‘bear bells’ (which are just Christmas bells with velcro, it turns out), so, you know, at least I can die loudly.

Anyway, breakfast has arrived! Off to bike, swim and eat (a more enjoyable version of the triathlon, we find – who needs running?).

If anyone knows of a place to play or stay in Oliphant, Ferndale, Tobermory or Lion’s Head in the next week, let us know! Texting is probably best as we may not have internet again for a week or so. Number is on the contact page.

Mmmmm. Quesadilla. Life is good.

Peace and love and good things,


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Up the lakeshore!

We’re in Port Elgin! Its our third day of cycling and we are taking a day off tomorow! Polly’s pedaling like a pro! We’re finding were making pretty good time with the trailer, all our goodies and instruments. Pollys feeling much healthier and though we are tired from cycling all morning our souls are coming to life more than ever. We’ve been taking less ‘main’ roads and finding either green fields or forests around us as we pedal.  Bruce county is home to many farms, small towns, and Lake Huron!

Country roads take me home

To the place where I belong

We were in Kincardine yesterday and even though we missed the sunset sounds of the Phantom Piper we enjoyed a really great swim after our first long day of cycling (~45km).  We spent the afternoon busking at the street market festival and met lots of friendly folks and played some great celtic tunes we’re learning and enjoying! 

Saugeen Shores sunsets!

We’ve been hosted by really wonderful people who have been so generous with their time, space and food. The ride today from Kincardine to Port Elgin was a challenge and my chain broke, which we we’re able to fix with a wrench then tighthen with pliers we inherited from the nearest home, Bike Yeah! hand me downs!  After we passed all the amazing Bruce power windmills we decided to take a lunch and nap on the side of the road. Then we ventured to our friend Heather’s folks’ home in Port Elgin via trails leading to the beach.  We’re recieving some bike repair help, delicious food, really comfy couches, tasty coffee and tonight we’re playing a show with a really great band called the Clever Girls. 🙂 Thanks for coming to visit Heather!

The adventure continues!

Ride your bike then camp in the trees.



ps. we’re really excited as we’ve been advised there aren’t many hills on the way to tobermory if you bike up the shore line!  hurray!

On the road to port elgin!

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We’ve got a long way to go…

… but not as long as yesterday! We made it to Walkerton. Our first biking day. Not too shabby. Richard is learning patience when he bikes behind me, and I am learning not to stop halfway up a hill.

It was a bit sad to leave Hanover, actually. Richard’s mom is pretty great, and also, she has this garden the size of… of…well, something big. Fresh potatoes and beans and peas and berries and corn and spinach and ohhhhhhhhhh, SO tasty. I have gained back about 5 pounds this week from eating so many delicious fresh veggies. (Also, there was a lot of cake, as it was Rich’s birthday Thursday. Happy birthday!)

Home sweet home

Tastiest Garden in Town.

Only an hour and a half later than we meant to be...

Our first show was in Hanover last night at Coffee Culture. It was a lot of fun. Decent turnout, sold a few CD’s, and I think we’ll pretty much be famous soon. Especially with my fancy new haircut which I gave myself. Turns out you don’t even need to look in a mirror. Just grab hunks from behind and chop it off and soon you’ll look like a wild-haired hippie too.

We're actually just pretending to play as we forgot to get a photo during the actual show...

live music!

After the show, we packed. We have a lot of stuff, but it fits surprisingly well on the bikes and trailer. Richard makes a bit of fun at my need to wrap everything in plastic bags within plastic bags, but I think he’ll change his tune once we have our first rainy day and he gets to crawl into a nice, dry sleeping bag in nice, dry clothes.

Anyway, we’re off to go buy some extra guitar strings and play our Walkerton show at the White Rose this afternoon, which is this amazing little peace cafe with all these organic delicious things. I had a rhubarb yogurt thing earlier there, and it was soooo good. We also busked a bit out front, met the King of the Leprechauns and some other great folks, and all in all, it’s a good spot. You should visit.

Okay, go bike somewhere!



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We are on our way…

… almost!

So, at the very start, we’ve hit Obstacle #1. Today we should be two days in to the tour, heading from Listowel to Neustadt. But, well, we’re still in Kitchener. We’ve had to re-arrange a bit. I managed to catch some sort of absolutely dreadful stomach bug that has flattened me for two weeks straight. I wound up in the hospital a few times, as I couldn’t eat, drink, or even sleep without getting sick. But after being so well looked after by the best friends I can imagine, I’m much better now! As of yesterday, I can even eat chocolate again (thank goodness). Ten days of fasting, however, has taken its toll, and my muscles are pretty weak. But we’re still going! We’re going to hitch a ride to Hanover tomorrow, and leave from there on the weekend as scheduled. That should give me enough time to get back on track, and we’ll only miss the first few places. On the plus side, Richard has been ‘training’ by biking to Guelph for music festivals, and trying out the trailer, so if I get tired, maybe he can just pull me along too. 🙂

Anyway! Delay aside, we’re excited and ready to go. Picked up a last few camping supplies on the weekend, gathered up necessary belongings, copied out some John Denver/Cat Stevens/Stan Rogers chords to bring and learn last night, got the trailer and bikes all rigged up and ready, and tomorrow we’re off!

The CD Release Party, by the way, was amazing! So many people came out to support us, for which we are ever so grateful. I couldn’t sing much, but Joey came and played bass with us, and with Far From Rich, Heather did a few impromptu Clever Girls songs, Rich put out enough energy for both of us, and it was still a great show. The food was delicious (I’m told), and the company was great.We put a couple live recordings from the party on the CBC page, so go listen! (Under the ‘Music’ tab above.)

We are quite proud of this CD. 16 tracks was a lot of work, but they turned out really well, and we can’t wait to debut it on the road.

Okay! Enough babbling! I need to finish packing and take my library books back! And eat some lunch. Ahhhhh, food. I missed it terribly.

Yours in biking and dreaming and healthy eating once more,


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Hey friends
We are super excited and getting geared up to leave for the bike tour in a week! (literally gears!)

The CD Release is Tuesday! at 7pm! at the backstage crew house!
Don’t forget your little pre-order ticket, or 10$ at the door for the cd!
We’ll have a few snacks. If you would like to bring some feel free.

The CD has 16 amazing tracks we are very proud of and even more thankful for all the help from Dustin, Laura, Anthony and Joey putting the songs and sounds together.

We have a long list of stops in between Kitchener and Tobermory and back. Please follow us here on the blog. and find links to listen.

We also have some amazing t-shirts made and more in the works!
If you can bring some cash and pick up one of those at the show on Tuesday. That would be a great support to us.

ride a bicycle!

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